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Linda ten Broeke


Meet the teacher


Hi, my name is Linda. I am the founder of The Science Camp and a pedagogical expert. I studied social works and I have always worked with kids in many difirent forms. I hopped from disabled care to development aid abroad, to nannying and kindergarten managing. I am passionate about teaching and as a teacher I value curiosity, independency, experimenting, solidarity and group dynamics. I enjoy every class I teach as we are learning together. 

The Science Camp is my passion and I am excited to see your kids learn, have fun and be amazed at camp!


The Science Camp is a young organization excited about teaching. Science is a great subject to teach as it has a wow factor. But as you never know when the unsuspected wow will appear they are triggered in thinking open minded. Our goal is to spark each little scientist’s imagination. We hope to find a hook in their heart and mind so that they feel a need to learn. The rest is easy, because the student then drives his or her learning. The teachers like to ask provocative questions and present them with a problem, and to help the students make a path toward the answers. If they are motivated to find the path, they will carve it themselves. We focus on why and how, not what.

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