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Holiday Camps


October 23rd to 27th

One full week of experiments, STEAM activities, practicing engineering and outside play. Pure fun! We will continue our journey amongst the many branches of science and experiment with all its facets. 

Come join us to enjoy investigating the world, practice creative design, problem solving, and innovate to give your child an advantage now and in the future.  

Location: Henrick de Keijserplein 45

From 9:00 - 15:00

Age: 5 - 10 years

Price: €295 full week

or €65 per day

Day at camp

What do we do at camp?


The Science Camp is a fun and educational holiday program designed for kids who love science. At camp, kids can participate in a variety of hands-on activities and experiments that explore different scientific concepts and principles.

The activities are designed to be both challenging and enjoyable, so kids can develop their love of science while having fun at the same time. Some common activities at The Science Camp might include building robots, conducting chemistry experiments, launching rockets, and exploring the natural world and outdoor adventures.


At a science camp, kids can expect to work with experienced and knowledgeable instructors who are passionate about science and education. The instructors provide guidance and support as kids engage in their activities, helping to deepen their understanding of science and encouraging them to ask questions and make discoveries.


Science camps are also a great opportunity for kids to make new friends and build their social skills. By working together on projects and participating in group activities, kids can develop important teamwork and communication skills, as well as a love for science and learning.

Overall, a science camp is an excellent choice for kids who love science and are looking for an exciting and educational program. Whether they're interested in robotics, astronomy, or any other field of science, they're sure to have a blast at The Science Camp!



(during booking, click on any date and select the amount of days you want to purchase. Then later on manualy fill out the right dates in the form.)

  • A full week of camp during Fall vacation

    295 euros
  • Choose 1 single day during Fall camp October 23rd to 27th

    65 euros
  • Choose any 2 single days during Fall camp October 23rd to 27th

    130 euros
  • Choose any 3 days during Science Fall camp October 23rd to 27th

    195 euros
  • Choose any 4 days during Science Fall camp October 23rd to 27th

    260 euros

To sign up for any other future camps use the sign up botton here


January 2nd to 5th

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