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Holiday Camps 
Frequently Asked Questions

What language do you speak at camp?

Our main language is English but we repeat everyting in Dutch. Is it good to know that we speak many languages amongst each other. Our instructions will be in English first and then we repeat in Dutch. Camp is both suitable for English and Dutch spekers or kids willing to learn or improve. 

I want to drive. What is the parking situation?

You can park on the street. It is paid parking. Usualy there is enough space to park during drop off and pick up. 

Do I need to bring snacks and lunch?

We have snack time at 10:00 and we will provide fruit, crackers and water for eeryone. At 12:00 it is lunch time and we ask you to send a lunch box with them. We have a fridge at hand if it needs to be kept cold. We also have a microwave in case anything needs to be heated up. Water is always on display and available but we ask to send a water bottle with them as thi stimulates them to drink more.

I have children that are younger or older than the 5-10 years range. Can I bring them?

Our age recommondation is more a suggestion rather than a limit. Younger children of 4 years old are allowed to join camp if you think they would enjoy it. Especialy when they come accompanied with an older sibling they are usualy very much entertained by our program. Younger than 4 we don't allow to join yet. Older than 10 years old we do allow to participate as well but we have noticed that older than 11 they tend to find our prgram a bit boring. 

What is the cancellation policy?

You can cancel your tickets up until 48 hours before camp starts. We do charge an administration fee of €10 per ticket as the 'middleman' (aka our website provider) doesn't refund us for their fees. No refund possible for cancellations on the day or after.

Is the space accessible for wheelchairs?

Yes :-) But the entrance has a step up of about 8cm. If help needed we are more than willing to assist. 

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