Is your child fascinated by the world? Do they wonder about the “hows” and “whys” of their surroundings? The Science Camp explores the creative curiosity of these questions. We will examine the world through the lens of earth and physical science. Potential topics include: weather patterns, space, the human body and chemical reactions. Each activity will have it's own theme. Our little scientists from age 5 to 10 will be educated while also be active outside to give them the most fun all day long.  

Every camp has it’s own theme and will explore diffirent types of questions. We variate between individual experiments to group assignments and free play indoors and outdoors. After all learning has to stay fun and energetic.


As we have such an international group of visitors we love to explore our diferences. One morning we said good morning to each other in 13 diffirent languages. The teachers speak English to the kids which can be a great way to improve your English skills! 


The beauty is that we all started from the same interest, being ‘Science’, and to see that we yet are so difirent makes it even better. We are better together!